Sunday, 11 August 2013

In the heart of florence, but surprisingly empty...

On my travels in Florence, I went in search of a Tapas bar I'd read about in a guide book. After walking around the same area over three times, I didn't find it, but stumbled across Acquacotta in the backstreets. As soon as I got inside, I found it was extremely empty;only a trickle of people there. Soon after I sat down to eat, I found this surprising. The food was absolutely delicious. With such wondrous varieties of food including, Rabbit, pigeon, courgette flowers dipped in batter, I could fill the page. There isn't much staff working here, but the single waitress works harder than a whole team of them. She got my food to me quickly and she was very friendly. I absolutely love the food and wish there was a restaurant like that near where I live. If you go to Florence, make sure you go here.      

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