Sunday, 11 August 2013

Tapas under a bridge

Just under London bridge, right next to London bridge, I found a Tapas bar named Tapas Brindisa. Yes, a few of the dishes are a little pricey, but overall, it makes a wonderful evening out. The location is a bit noisy, being next to one of the busiest train stations in London. But this is easily made up for with the wonderful atmosphere and food. My particular favourite dish was the brick de morcilla, a delicous black pudding wrapped in filo pastry. The waiters are all attentive and work as quickly as they can in the dinner rush. All staff work to the best of their abilities to make sure every customer's needs are seen to. Altogether, this made a rather pleasurable experience.

In the heart of florence, but surprisingly empty...

On my travels in Florence, I went in search of a Tapas bar I'd read about in a guide book. After walking around the same area over three times, I didn't find it, but stumbled across Acquacotta in the backstreets. As soon as I got inside, I found it was extremely empty;only a trickle of people there. Soon after I sat down to eat, I found this surprising. The food was absolutely delicious. With such wondrous varieties of food including, Rabbit, pigeon, courgette flowers dipped in batter, I could fill the page. There isn't much staff working here, but the single waitress works harder than a whole team of them. She got my food to me quickly and she was very friendly. I absolutely love the food and wish there was a restaurant like that near where I live. If you go to Florence, make sure you go here.      


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